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How Exciting!

2013-10-03 17:21:17 by colonelratticus

Just launched our first game on Newgrounds about 20 minutes ago.

I've got no idea how it works but hopefully it'll get the nod soon and be added to the main site.

It's a real rush knowing that actual people we don't know are playing our game! I expect we'll get a kicking in the comments but it's

I feel I'd better say a bit about the rest of the guys. This game was made by me, my brother Mike, and my best friends Adam and Mungy (also brothers). We've been playing games all our lives and a few months ago we decided that it'd be awesome to start making them!

If you like this then you can check out some more of our stuff over on our website: .

It's all pretty basic but we've only been making games for a few months so give us a chance!

Otherwise keep an eye out for the next game coming soon :-)

How Exciting!


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2013-10-03 19:44:38

Not bad at all! Quite promising actually; wouldn't have guessed you're new developers. Had quite a bit of fun playing it.

Also, regarding they way games are added to the site, you'll find this helpful:


2013-10-04 18:11:07

Welcome to the developers club :)