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Scoreboards added to Bedlam

2013-10-15 17:01:06 by colonelratticus

Hi all,

We've finally added scoreboard integration to Bedlam!

Given that it's a score attack game that's kind of the point... Now you can take on the internet and see who is the most awesome!

Be aware though: it appears that you need to be logged in for your score to be recorded.

So why didn't we have a scoreboard at launch?

Easy now! The short answer is that we didn't know how to... Bedlam is our first 'real' game so it's taken us a while to get our head round how this whole Newgrounds thingy works! The API seems to be a great tool but there are a few parts of it which weren't too obvious for a newbie like me - Looking forward to playing with it some more.

As always, you can check out all our other games over at our website:



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