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Charming little puzzle game

Well designed with a great difficulty curve

My son says he likes the way you use those guns :-)

Vertical scrolling shoot-em-up.

Gameplay-wise it feels sluggish and unresponsive which can grate. I feel that if you made the ship move / respond to the mouse quicker and doubled the rate of fire it'd suddenly feel a whole lot better to play :-)

Apart from that I'm kinda stuck on how to view this. On one hand it's got a stack of content and a load of nice features (multiple save games, unlockable progression paths, etc.) that other games on here don't tend to have.

On the other I feel that if you hooked up with a designer and/or sound engineer you'd be able to achieve a higher level of overall polish quite easily. There's clearly some solid programming and real dedication behind this game but the art & sound assets don't quite do it justice.

Really enjoyed this.

The description from the author is correct - minimalist indie "dodge-em-up / runner" - they probably should have added "Rock-hard" as well though!

I have played it for about half an hour and died over 300 times! Still smiling though :-)

targaciej responds:

Ha, thanks! "Rock-hard" added :)

This is a good game for the masochists out there.

It's got the Super Meat Boy style combination of being hard as nails on one hand and letting you instantly restart on the other.

I did eventually get it done on easy - but I must have blown through about 50 lives to get there!

Controls are nice and tight and the art & sound style are also in order - nicely rounded little web game :-)

Angry birds clone.

Looks nice enough, it really needs some sort of warning for when the gravity shifts though.

Most of the time it was the change in polarisation that took me by surprise and killed me.

thebrobotic responds:

Added a warning effect for the gravity flip. Let me know what you think? I heard this feedback before from a friend who played the game - I should have listened the first time. Posting simple games on here is a huge learning experience, so thanks for taking the time to chime in with your thoughts.

Played this for about 2 minutes - that seems to be all the game-play there is.

Note to the dev: If you're not going to scroll the background with the player's movement then make it a single uniform colour, that way it'll look less weird :-)

Did like the little MS Painty sprites though :-)

zopygames responds:

Thanks for your valuable suggestion...

Thoroughly enjoyed the last 3/4 hour I've spent playing it :-)

It's a straightforward logic puzzler with a well engineered difficulty curve and nice music and aesthetics

I eventually gave up on level 29 because I hit a problem that I couldn't figure out, up to that point it had been a smooth and enjoyable experience

StuartsPixels responds:

Glad you had so much fun :) The latest version has been thoroughly revised, worth trying again.

Short but sweet little twin-sticky shooter :-)

Not very polished but plenty of fun to play and the core mechanics worked fine - basically the perfect game jam game.

Flappy birds meets super meat boy!

You bounce around from side trying to avoid the randomly generated saw blades on each side. As far as I can see that's it... just bouncing back and forth racking up a high score.

Then again I only got in to double figures once....

Perfectly formed little game that doesn't outstay its welcome.

I loved the little touches like how the Space buddy leans as he moves along to keep up with you.

Personally I don't think it should be expanded out from what it is. There's nothing wrong with a 5 minute game if it's 5 minutes of fun :-)

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